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Outbreak 65 GBP
[Just] Borth 45 GBP
Tuxflux 35 GBP
Chad White 32.5 GBP
Soviet Sergei 32.5 GBP

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Name Package Amount Timestamp
Big Daddy Panda Primaris Aggressor 20 GBP 2018-06-01 17:22:12
Duschgell Scout Marine 6.38 GBP 2018-05-26 15:04:16
Hydros Primaris Inceptor 15 GBP 2018-05-05 00:06:54
Captain Cato Sicarius Primaris Aggressor 20 GBP 2018-04-28 18:34:05
Captain FizzleBizzle Scout Marine 7.5 GBP 2018-04-23 22:38:48

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Please take a look at all the packages we offer. Once you have ordered a package you will be given the ingame rank of Donator. You will then need to ask a member of staff to give you your character.